Split Adam

The SCION SAGA SERIES resumes with Adam struggling to pick up the pieces of his youth after having lost both his biological and adoptive fathers to the Iksha. Discovering that someone he’d once despised may now be the only living link to his biological mother, encourages him to fight aggressively through psychological counseling while Carly’s robbed of her human right to grieve her parents due to her leadership role among the Descendants, though her budding relationship with Jo provides much needed solace.

With the Iksha momentarily neutralized, the Descendants have bravely decided to join life on the surface by moving from their underground safe house in International Falls to Piure. The biokenretic Hexacuh casted around the City, meant to protect them, proves to be a double-edged sword when a lurking evil is discovered trapped within the City limits.

As graduation approaches, many teen woes weigh heavily on Adam’s mind, seemingly causing it to fracture into dual personalities. After his symptoms grow beyond his control, Carly leaves in search of answers but returns with a cure that’s beyond what anyone could’ve expected, forcing Adam to face a part of himself that he never thought he’d live to see.




Scion Saga Book I

Split Adam

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Scion Saga Book III